A photographer in Kiev is not an uncommon fact. Classifieds about the services of a photographer (Kiev) are full of websites, search engines and social network. Order at least each from one a personal photo shoot, good, their cost is more than affordable!

But a photographer is not just a person with a good camera and knowledge of the basics of composition and shooting. This is primarily an artist who can see and capture special moments and camera angles, and a psychologist who helps everyone to feel naturally in front of the camera and open up.

A professional photographer must be highly qualified specialist with knowledge in a wide variety of areas. Only if he possesses the whole complex of necessary skills and possesses natural talents, it can be seen from his photographs – this is not an amateur, but a professional.



The art of photography is not only the ability to work with technology. The main thing is to see life in any manifestations, to understand the soul and inner world of a person and to show the world all the most beautiful that is in an animate or inanimate object. A professional photographer must have his own deep inner world in order to understand his hero, the situation and show it in the best light. That the photos were works of art, and not the faceless photocopiers of unsuccessful poses.

At the same time, a professional photographer also uses “magic devices” – this is precisely his technique, lenses and, most importantly, light. It is the correct setting of light that most affects the quality of pictures. A professional photo studio can provide ideal conditions for taking pictures, while an experienced photographer can take the most necessary devices on the road and set the right light in nature or on the territory outside the studio.

A professional photographer is also a psychologist. Most people close themselves in front of the camera – they are shy, afraid to reveal their femininity / masculinity, and begin to get lost. It is because of the constraint that bad frames are obtained – the camera seems to feel fear. You are really beautiful. The task of a professional photographer is to find an approach, to help overcome inner uncertainty, to show the inner beauty that every person shines with.


For a full photo shoot, an artist with a camera is not enough. To begin with, models need to create an image (or several images, as is usually done) – choose outfits, do professional makeup, hair.

If you do not want to bother and negotiate separately with a stylist, make-up artist, hairdresser, you can Photographer Marina Makonchuk order the services of a photographer and ask him to organize everything necessary for a photo shoot – of course, every professional has reliable partners that he can recommend. This is even more convenient – if the team has already worked together, each specialist understands the other perfectly, and the work moves faster and more smoothly. And you are interested in the coolest results!


For girls who dream of catwalks and shows in Milan, Paris and New York, the first and most crucial step is to create your own portfolio. It depends on him whether producers and fashion houses will take note of you. Your portfolio must be perfecto!

Photo shoot of portfolio can take place in a professional studio or outdoors. Ideally, in different locations and in as many images as possible. The model should appear as universal, multifaceted, and different. Casting directors are looking for girls who can be naive at the same time and passionate, strict and frivolous, funny and sad, mysterious and overt – depending on what their task is. All this should be reflected in the portfolio of the girl applying to the casting agency.

Therefore, it is very important to make a good portfolio and turn to a photographer who knows exactly what is in the modeling business. Otherwise, you simply lose money, time after time, getting uninteresting, boring photos.

How to choose a photographer for portfolio photography? Everything is simple – see his portfolio. There should be natural, but very different pictures, unique images and high-quality images. If you want yourself such a portfolio – this is your photographer and your ticket to the world of high fashion!


Advertising photography is no less in demand in Kiev (as well as throughout the world). This type of service is very diverse in terms of techniques and applied techniques, the purpose of advertising photography is the same – to convey the marketing idea to the end user and make him want to buy a product or order a service. Therefore, the food photograph should be such so that drooling would flow from the sight of it. An advertising shoot for a dental clinic should evoke positive emotions – a potential patient should also want to become the happy owner of such a beautiful smile, as in the photo, and easily trust the friendly doctors.

In the process of advertising photography, the photographer collaborates with marketers, a creative director, Photographer Marina Makonchuk as a designer, stylist. Therefore, he should not only be a professional in his field, but also be able to work in a team: to understand what task is set, what the creative person who developed the advertisement expects from him, and the ability to create the desired picture with minimal additional decorations and expenses.

Why does every business need an advertising photographer?

An advertising photographer is essential for every business. After all, it is not only about shooting commercials and posters. It is also subject photography for catalogs and online stores, for the menu of restaurants and bars. Each person wants to initially see what he is buying, but because he needs to be interested and fall in love with himself. Moreover, you can do this only with the help of beautiful pictures.

In the era of online commerce and an increase in the share of retail in sales, quality advertising photography is indispensable. From competitors, you may differ primarily in beautiful content. The task of the business is to catch the attention of a potential audience. And in this bundle, a business photographer is inseparable



The cost of the services of a professional photographer depends on work experience. A novice photographer will naturally ask for less money for his services, but will his skills and knowledge be enough to ensure the proper quality of the pictures? Will the result of his work suit you? Here it is worth recalling folk wisdom – the avaricious pays twice. After all, there is a risk that the photos will be so unsuccessful that you will need to contact another specialist. However, what if special moments are not repeated, if we are talking about photographs from a wedding, the first birthday of a child, a public event that brought together tens and hundreds of “star” guests?

A professional photographer knows everything about organizing shootings of any type: how to conduct an incredible romantic wedding photo session, “grab” the kid’s surprised eyes when he first sees a cake with candles, gently capture the emotions of party visitors – so that every guest then wants to repost his picture with corporate page on social networks.


My name is Marina Makonchuk, and photography is my life. I work in Kiev in my studio in the city center, but with pleasure, I shoot on the road – outdoors or at your location in the capital, in Lviv, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnieper, and other cities of Ukraine and even when traveling abroad. I work with leading modeling agencies, large companies and the media.

I specialize in photography in all its manifestations. Portrait shooting, subject photography, food photography, shooting interiors. I will be happy to create content for the catalog of fashionable clothes or the menu of your restaurant. I will help you with the creation of a model or acting portfolio – not only directly with the pictures, but also with advice: what images are worth creating, in which locations to conduct the photo shoot, I will teach you to pose favorably on the camera. I will become your friend and psychologist, I will help to awaken sexuality and emancipation under the light of spotlights.

I will be happy to help keep forever the special moments of your life. You will be happy to review beautiful photos from a wedding, birthday, graduation, with an ordinary walk in the park with the whole family. You will gather with your closest ones, turn them on the projector and immerse yourself in pleasant, joyful emotions and memories.

What is important to me? Continue to develop and increase the luggage of your knowledge and skills, take on new techniques and experiment. Therefore, I always strive to keep abreast of all fashion trends in the world of fashion photography.

You can familiarize yourself with my work in my portfolio. It contains only part of my photos, and with you, we can make even more unusual, original pictures.


You can order the services of a professional photographer on my website, by phone or in the messenger. We will discuss your wishes, develop a better plan for their implementation and make the perfect photo shoot. I am sure we will work together!

I will teach you the art of photography

The value of experience is incredibly high, but it is very important not to accumulate it in yourself, but to share your
knowledge, your secrets with others. I am ready to do this, so I will be happy to give you individual or group photography lessons. I will teach you the basics of composition, exposure, photography, retouching, and image processing in graphic editors (Photoshop and others). However, most importantly, I am ready to share with you my philosophy and vision, how to disclose each model and each object, so that it strikes with its natural beauty.






Write to me and I will try to answer you as soon as possible.




    Write to me and I will try to answer you as soon as possible

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